Wall Decor


Wall Decor

You are looking for great wall decor, we’d figured. We did too! One of the aims when creating Choptable was our love for great interior design.

In many aspects, the wall decor that you see when entering a room, gives the beholder it’s first impression, and whether they like the styling or not.

As much as we love our kitchen, just spending time in there as well as making the best most delicious vegetarian dishes on the planet.

There was something missing on our walls. We, therefore, decided to create the coolest kitchen wall decoration poster ever! Please meet Choptable’s The Veggie Butchers cut collection!

wall decor

A bit of Wall Decor history in the making

The idea for the collection came when founders Rick and Tiff on a sunny afternoon, aimlessly walked around in several home interior design stores, furniture shops, decoration shops etc.

Well, aimlessly might not be the correct word as they were looking for something, something to decorate their newly bought flat with!

When coming across several shops stocking butchers cut posters, with instructions on how to cut various animals in half, they thought of the same idea.

A way that would encourage people to buy and cook a bit more human, as well as more eco friendly. And from this aimless promenade (well, aimless-ish), Choptable’s The Veggie Butchers Cut collection was born.


vegetable poster

Aubergine Wall Decor, really?

We ask ourselves the same question, surely you can’t put vegetables on your wall? Let alone vegetables as art on your wall.

Well, I guess the answer is that it is up to you. If you want to put an aubergine on the wall, go ahead, what do you have to lose?

Regardless of if you are a keen meat eater, flexitarian (yes there’s such a thing) or a total radical militant vegan, you know the kind that you read about in the news, that tortures children and burn down hospitals.

You are all invited to put some veggies on your walls!

Vegetables to put on your wall without being sent to the nuthouse: 

  • Aubergine
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Broccoli 

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