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We sell Vegetable Posters. And when searching for your ideal poster for your new kitchen or dining room walls, you should maybe consider starting your search in your garden! It might sound weird but it makes perfect sense. Putting art on your walls, that is close to what you actually do in these rooms. Eating! When it comes to eating, for many people vegetable are a big part of their menu. Some people even cut everything else out, and only eat the greens. We are all for that! We love vegetables, so much that we even created a whole brand based upon them. In fact, we created vegetable posters for you to enjoy good looking vegetables everyday whilst you eat them, or don’t.

Our collection called Cuts of Vegetables includes. Cuts of Aubergine, Cuts of Carrot, Cuts of Broccoli , Cuts of Onion, and Cuts of Potato. These are all posters with vegetable art and some dinner or snack suggestions.

Our vegetable posters are designed to fit well on your kitchen or dining room walls. However, we strongly suggest you to put them everywhere in the house. Of course. To be fair, we strongly recommend you to put them everywhere in your friends and families houses as well!

vegetable artwork aubergine

Research suggest (it doesn’t, we just made that up) that you might eat more vegetables when having decorated your walls with vegetable posters and vegetable artwork. This completely made up research also shows that you might live a longer and much healthier life if you do as we say.

Regardless of what your intention might be, we hope that you’ll find our vegetable art prints well designed and pleasing for the eye.

Cuts of Aubergine Poster


This is our first product, and hour main character. We always had a love for this versatile vegetable. Our vegetable cuts poster catalog started with this vegetable. We found inspiration from vintage vegetable posters, and other vegetables artwork.

Cuts of Carrot Poster

One of our most used vegetables. In our kitchen carrot is king! There’s just so much you can do with this little wonder of the vegetable world. It grows in the ground, underneath a beautiful green crown, like an ugly duckling, but when you pull it up and fry it in some butter, there’s nothing quite as beautiful!

Cuts of Broccoli Poster

If there’s a super power broccoli doesn’t have, it’s probably not worth mentioning. With this green goddess in the kitchen, you can’t go wrong. One of our favourite ways to cook it is frying it raw with some olive oil, salt and chilli flakes. And the trick is to add a splash of sesame oil towards the end. Better than any steak in the world.

Cuts of Onion Poster

It is said that onion can cure cancer. We don’t know the ins and outs of this claim, but we are willing to eat onion in everything, for the rest of the world. Regardless of whether it cures diseases or not!

Cuts of Potato Poster

There’s actually a long and infected debate whether the potato is in fact a vegetable or not. Either way, this item could be one of the most famous vegetable/non vegetable in the world. We call potato a vegetable, full of starch to fill you up, but most importantly, the most delicious thing with butter, after butter itself.

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