Vegan gifts


Vegan gifts - what are you on about? 

When your granny, for the fourteenth time asks; what does a vegan eat? Can they still eat chicken?

You tense up and start reminding yourself about all the beautiful moments you’ve had together in order not to strangle the old sacred lady.

Granny is alright, she just needs to get some tips on gifts for vegans such as yourself (or your neighbor)!

So, we took it upon us to bring you the absolute best vegan gift we could think of.

And we would not be true to ourselves if we didn’t feature our own products on the list.

After all, one of the reasons we created the products, was in fact because we needed to bring a gift for a vegan (which is also my brother).

gift for vegans

A few criteria that are important to remember when it comes to bringing presents to people that don’t eat meat e.g. vegetarians.

  • Don’t bring meat
  • Don’t bring gifts to chop or cook meat
  • Skip the leather jacket if you are looking for a vegan birthday present
  • Bring vegetable themed gifts
  • As in all aspects of life, bring a gift that’s a bit fun!

Let’s break it down a bit. The first criteria - Don’t bring meat, means literally, don’t bring (or send) meat to a vegan/vegetarian.

They will not appreciate it. It’s guaranteed.

Vegans don’t eat animal-based product, let alone, use it in other aspects of life.

For example, a person that don’t eat animals, don’t like walking on one in the form of a rug.

They probably won’t enjoy wearing dead animals either, so skip the leather jacket, belt or boots when you are planning your presents for vegetarians.



Funny vegan gifts

funny gifts for vegans

We like fun stuff, and vegans are no different (kid you not).

Whether you are stuck on vegan present ideas or just looking for a nice product that would be suitable for any human being, we hope to have the answer for you right here on our homemade site.

Fun was a word that kept sticking with us when we decided to develop our first range of products suitable for both vegetarians, vegans and anyone else.

We thought about funny gifts for anyone, and especially suitable for plant-based eaters and funny gifts for vegetarians.

Posters for Vegetarians

veggie poster

First, on our list we would like to place our range: The Veggie Butchers choice.

It’s a range of home interior products for vegans that is a much-appreciated gift. It’s first on our list based on many factors. It’s a cool, unique piece that also sends a clear message; swop your chop.

It’s very light which also means it’s very easy to send or bring to a party. No animals were hurt in the process of making the poster.

With buying this vegetable poster to one of your vegan or vegetarian friends or family, you acknowledge the fact that they are making a conscious decision. Cutting into a carrot is by far easier for most people, than cutting into a once living animal.

Our veggie collection shows the world it’s time to think about eating more vegetables!

A Mug - one of the best gifts for vegans?

Second, on our list of gifts for vegans comes our mug. It’s a nice looking sturdy cup with handpainted vegetables printed on it.

One of the things that makes this present also a hand tips to bring to your vegetable eating friend, is the fact that you can almost put it in your pocket. It’s very effective and also has a clear message.

This person cares for veggies. So much he/she even drinks from a mug with vegetable on it. Not really a statement though, but nice, right?

Maybe this one doesn’t need to be a statement. Let it just be, well, a mug with vegetables on it.

Chopping board for Vegetarian chefs

A chopping board can come in handy in a lot of different situation.

Especially when it comes to handling vegetables.

This gift comes with the obvious superpowers such as being a great surface to cut vegetables on, but it also comes in handy when you want to present a great range of vegetables.

If you are having people over and serving up a buffè of veggies, our chopping board, which comes in third on our list of best gifts to bring to a veggie party, is the perfect fit!

In this product, we have chosen to bring all our favourite vegetables on it, such as broccoli, carrot, aubergine (eggplant) and onion. We could simply not just choose one, and why should we?

Vegan Gift Baskets

vegan gift basket


Further down on our list comes a great gift to bring to your friends and family. A vegan gift basket is maybe the most obvious and perfect present.

However, as we are not able to offer you any here on the site, it’s simply don’t score high enough on our most subjective list.

A gift basket for vegans can consist of many various items. Either you go for a fresh vegetable basket with various produce.

A vegan food gifts basket makes for a great addition to any party. Or you decide to go for a basket with items related to cooking (may we suggest a beautiful chopping board from your own friendly Choptable?).

Peelers, knives, cutting boards etc. make great vegetarian gift baskets for anyone - vegetarian or not!

Are you looking to send vegan gifts to a friend?

This list would not be worth calling great if we didn’t include a section on what things would be good to send to your vegan acquaintance.

And it would neither be a good list for our website if we didn’t include our favorite thing to send to vegans across the world; our cuts of vegetable posters! It’s easily ordered here on the website and can be shipped across to any country in the world.

All you need to do is to get the right address and click a few times to make someone happy!

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