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Are you looking for posters for your restaurant? Look no further! We have got the right design and  everything for your restaurant wall decor.

We are focusing on food posters and customized prints directed to foodies and general food lovers. However, it doesn't stop there.

Our love for food and art stretches far beyond our regular customers. The fact is that our posters is a perfect fit for many of the worlds restaurants as well!

Restaurant prints and posters is a really vital part of a restaurant or a diners wall art and whole interior. With decorating the walls of your restaurant, you can send various messages.

The customer needs to feel that they are in the right place, as an example, you might not want to put a picture of a pork chop in your vegetarian restaurant.

Or perhaps, in your fine dining place you might not want to place a pizza poster, or maybe you do? 


Vegetable posters

Just because we only design and print vegetarian posters, doesn't mean you cannot used them in your meat serving joint.

Why not encorage your visitors to eat a bit more vegetables?

Add our Cuts of Broccolli to your walls and invite your customer to eat a clean healthy meal!

The choices are endless but we couldn't help but listing our perfect matches for restaurants posters below. 


 Cuts of Aubergine Poster - Hummus and Falafel Restaurant

 Is there a better match made than Hummus, Falafel and Baba Ganoush? We don't think so.

This is a delicious piece of combination that just can't go wrong!

We recommend everyone running a hummus and falafel restaurant to add our Cuts of Aubergine poster on their walls to also make the walls a match made in heaven. 


Artichoke Photo Print - Fine Dining Restaurant

Our Artichoke print is, if might say ourselves, a beautiful and elegant vegetable poster.

Regardless of what some might say about the looks and visual of an artichoke, this is our most elegant print.

We firmly believe this could be a part of any fine dining experience.

The artichoke is a popular addition to any michelin star menu, so it should also be a feature on a wall in a room where you eat your fancy food!


Pineapple Photo Print - Juicy and Smoothie bar

Tell me a juicy juice mix that does not contain pineapple.

This beautfiul juicy fruit makes a great fruit poster print. It also makes a beautiful addition to any Juice or Smoothie bar anywhere in the world.

We just can't get enough of pineapple in a juice or a smoothie. And there's good reasons for it; this fruit is packed with vitamins and nutritions. 


We hope that this mini guide to find the right poster for your diner, restaurant or cafe! If you have any questions or if you have requests please do not hesitate to contact us!



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