Kitchen Wall Art


Kitchen Wall Art

kitchen wall art

People always make the same mistake when it comes to decorating your home.

They start planning and decorating the living room.

When in fact, the heart of the home is the kitchen!

This is where all the cool people end up at the party, where you get your coffee in the morning, and the place you boil that 4.00 am getting back from the club noodles.

Why the kitchen is the place to be:

  • Cool people at the party
  • Dinners
  • 4.00 AM snack
  • Coffee
  • Pizza

So we should start by exploring and decorating our kitchen walls!

Imagine a kitchen with white walls and dusty shelves, no art on the walls whatsoever.

Would you get inspired for cooking your big Sunday feast?

We didn’t think so.

In our kitchen, we like it elegant yet fun. So we created our own posters!


Choptable’s kitchen wall art

When it comes to the kitchen and the art you decorating the walls with, it’s most likely something food based that springs to your mind.

In our minds, it’s veggie based. That's why we decided our kitchen wall art, and to decorate with, vegetables!

It might sound a bit corny and crazy but it actually does inspire us to do great things in the kitchen!

Obviously, we believe, that every kitchen should come with pre-installed Choptable kitchen posters.

But to also convince you, to consider our vegetable posters when you planning your kitchen wall art ideas, we would like to show you our collection of veggie cuts.

Kitchen posters fit for 2019


kitchen interior

Who would have thought 2019 would be the year when more and more people realised we need to act on our planet needs before it’s too late.

Who could have predicted that people would realise that meat production, and further - the meat consumption, is a big factor in the global warming issue we are facing?

We need to start looking at our own consumption and food habits.

One obvious way to reduce your carbon footprint is to start eating more vegetable-based foods.

We hope that our kitchen posters should inspire even the biggest meat lover to at least try some of the delicious foods that can be made from vegetables alone.

One step might be to consider your kitchen art, and kitchen decor, to become inspired by vegetables!

Why not hanging a Cuts of Aubergine poster on the kitchen wall instead of a cut of beef?

Invest in your kitchen art


kitchen decoration


In 2017 the website completed an inhouse study on kitchen trends.

It makes for a very interesting read as there was more than 2 700 of their website users participating in the survey.

How much do they spend, on what do they spend, and how does it affect them?

Are we right when we think people aren't investing as much as they should in their kitchen art?

“The 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, from a research team led by Nino Sitchinava, Houzz’s principal economist, reveals that homeowners updating their kitchens prioritize changing out countertops, backsplashes and sinks. A majority of kitchen renovators are also choosing a more open feel for this room.“


The study shows that people do in fact spend time and energy on the wall finish in, for example, their kitchen.

However, wall finish is not the same as wall decorations! A nice wall finish is only halfway.

You need to draw attention to that nicely finished wall, otherwise, you might as well not spend so much money on it if no one is looking that way!

Take a look at our kitchen wall art ideas below if you find yourself stuck on ideas!

Personalize your kitchen walls

kitchen wall posters


It’s safe to say that people in 2018, now more than ever, does not shy away from standing out.

With a never-ending supply of kitchen interior, it has become easier to show who you are, and what you stand for, when decorating your home.  

So if you could express who you are, so should your kitchen!

It’s easy to personalize your kitchen wall art, and it’s something that is becoming a growing trend.

We have access to worldwide supply, so we can, as consumers, choose to buy things that our neighbours don’t have already!

Even if you aren’t a vegetarian or a vegan, you might want to dress your kitchen walls in vegetable colours!

Our contribution to decorating your kitchen walls

When we planned our city apartment, we wanted to make the kitchen the hub for our common activities.

Drawing, cooking, reading and maybe even singing. We wanted all of this to be kitchen-based, the living room can be for relaxing, the bedroom should be for sleeping.

Our kitchen, and especially our kitchen walls, are something that normally doesn’t get much of our attention.

But recently you might have discovered more and more butchers cuts of meat posters popping up in your friends and families houses.

This is exactly what happened to us.

When trying to cut down on the meat consumption, and going fully vegetable based, we found this trend distressing.

However, we loved the design and the look of the posters (set aside the instructions on cutting up animals).

Cuts of Aubergine poster

choptable aubergine poster

At this point, the Cuts of Aubergine kitchen poster was born. There was a long time between idea to product.

But here we are, and you can, of course, buy your own poster in our webshop.

However, we didn’t want to stop with only Aubergine posters hanging of our walls, so we created a full range of our Cuts of Vegetables.

These posters, ideal for hanging in your kitchen (but of course feel free to hang it wherever you feel), includes Cuts of Broccoli, Cuts of Onion, Cuts of Carrot and Cuts of Potato.


Kitchen Wall Art Decor

As we mentioned above, our posters (or any poster that you like more than ours) is a great and easy way to add wall art decor to your kitchen walls.

Decorating your home, and your kitchen, in particular, has also never been cheaper!

Forget about the expensive framed artwork and check our Cuts of Vegetables collection out!

Our posters are prints selected for the kitchen!


Kitchen art ideas for 2019

We are moving in to a new year. A new year means new interior trends.

As we are focusing on the kitchen in this article, we are also focusing on trends and kitchen art ideas for 2019. The trends are looking to be in line with the global debate in general. What can we do to save our planet?

Households are becoming more aware when it comes to their consumption.

This, in addition, shows when we are shopping for interior for our house. 

Spend more on things that you wish to keep for a long time!


Worldwide shipping

Shopping in the Choptable shop offers worldwide shipping options. Either if you are looking for kitchen wall art in the UK, US or any other great country you might find yourself in, you can make sure that the posters will be shipped to your house! 



So this is the story of Choptable’s contribution to the kitchen wall art debate.

We are firm believers in the idea of what we put in our bodies, comes out in our minds.

Our mantra is Swop your Chop and we want to raise awareness of what impact our food habits have on the environment. Make sure to check our full range of kitchen posters in the webshop. 



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